Birthflower Porcelain Mug

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Much like Birthstones, each month of the year has its own Birth Flower associated with it - each with its own special meaning. The unique birthflowers are:

January - Carnation
February - Violet
March - Daffodil
April - Daisy
May - Lily of the Valley
June - Rose
July - Delphinium
August - Gladiolus
September - Aster
October - Marigold
November - Chrysanthemum
December - Holly

Simply pick the flower that represents your birth month and we'll print the flower, the month and the name of the flower directly onto your mug along with your personalised message and recipients name - making for a super special and most personal gift for a loved one or a little treat for yourself!

Check out the product images for an example of all the Birthflower designs.

  • Personalised birthflower mug
  • Heatpressed in-house
  • Porcelain
  • 8oz mug
  • Dishwasher safe / Not microwave safe

Size: 8oz / 68mm.