Chilli Seed Box Kit

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Usually ships in 2-3 days. Due to restrictions on exporting seeds to some countries, we're currently only offering UK delivery on this product.
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Some like it hot...some like it REALLY hot! See how much heat you can handle with our awesome Chilli Seed Box Kit! This searing box set of chili seeds is a must have gift for your favourite chilli-head!

Level up a kick ass chili-con-carne, make your own fiery hot sauce at home or challenge friends & family to see who can handle the heat in a red-hot chilli challenge!

Your flaming seed box kit comes with a selection of 3 hot chilli seeds: the Lemon Pepper, with its moderately spicy bite and conspicuous lemony flavour, the Caribbean Blend which has an assortment of colours, sizes and shapes that range in heat from mild to blisteringly hot and finally, the World Famous Bhut Jolokia - one of the hottest peppers in the world that clocks in at over a sweltering 1 million on the scoville scale!! Be careful what you do with this one!

Along with your chili seeds, you'll also find 3 fibre plant pots, 3 engraved wooden plant tags and 3 soil pellets - all presented in a luxury premium box with your chosen personalised label on - we have 4 blazing designs to choose from. Your chilli seed kit comes to you nestled in a bed of natural paper shred, ensuring it arrives safe and sound. It's a simply scorching gift option! 

The high quality soil pellet is a substrate with nutrients in coconut fibre, its biodegradable and peat free! To use them, simply pour ½ cup of water onto the pellets to swell. Place seeds in the small opening in the centre of the pellets and that's it!

Caution! Take extra care when handling the chilli peppers and wash hands after handling as they can irritate skin and eyes.

Please note: due to some restrictions on exporting seeds to some countries, we're currently only offering UK delivery on this product. 

Size: 70mm Fibre Plant Pot